Sports Bar

At Fatboy and Skinny's Alexandria, we enjoy a reputation as the best sports bar in Alexandria, LA, and it's easy to see why. Whatever game you plan on watching, we’ll be playing it on our screens just for you and your fellow team fans.

Cocktails and beers are available at our full bar where we serve many delicious drinks. Have a nice, cold beer with your meal and enjoy the game on our big screen TV. We have a large bar lounge, allowing for many people to crowd around and cheer. If you want to make an event out of it, feel free to bring all your friends! We deliver exceptional service no matter how big your party.

We guarantee that everything is cooked fresh to your satisfaction. You'll love what we have to offer here at our bar & restaurant. Visit Fatboy and Skinny's Alexandria in Alexandria, LA today and get ready to experience great, delicious food in a great atmosphere. We have amazing po' boys, salads and more!